MACROSS DVD Mini Box Set #1


IMPORTANT NOTE: These DVD's are Region 1 encoded. Please make sure that your DVD player is able to play Region 1 DVD's if you are outside the US or Canada before purchasing this product.

(Parental guidance suggested)

SUPER DIMENSION FORTRESS MACROSS, the first 12 episodes, in their original form, uncut and unedited! This classic anime series is presented in the original Japanese language with English subtitles for the first time on DVD!

This highly anticipated Macross DVD release features "super dimensional" restoration... A new transfer was made from Harmony Gold's film masters, and AnimEigo spent one and a half years repairing scratches, fixing color fades and doing color correction. Above and beyond the typical restoration that other series and movies go through, the AnimEigo restoration also went as far as to stabilize frames and remove all film splices!

Guided by legendary anime director Noboru Ishiguro and featuring classic character designs by Haruhiko Mikimoto and mechanical designs by Kazutaka Miyatake and Shoji Kawamori, the classic MACROSS television series is presented for the first time on DVD in English, the Macross DVD Mini Set #1 contains the following:

1 - Booby Trap
2 - Countdown
3 - Space Fold
4 - Lynn Minmay
5 - Transformation
6 - Daedalus Attack
7 - Bye-Bye Mars
8 - Longest Birthday
9 - Miss Macross
10 - Blind Game
11 - First Contact
12 - Big Escape

The Mini Set #1 set also contains liner notes, featuring a wealth of "behind the scenes" information about the production of Macross!

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