Alaska Base

Secret base of the United Earth Forces.

Alaska Base was a major stronghold of the United Earth Forces, and was built by the United Earth Government as a center for covert operations.

Alaska Base was located both above and below the ground in the Alaskan wilderness. The surface portion of the base included an air field and was heavily armed with Veritech and Destroid forces.

Below ground, Alaska Base housed a command center designed specifically for the possibility of a doomsday scenario. The command center was placed several kilometers underground to withstand attacks from Reflex weaponry, and contained logistics capable of supporting its inhabitants for an extended period of time in the event of a nuclear winter. Alaska Base's command center was always attended by several military commanders of the United Earth Forces at any given time, most notably by Admiral Donald Hayes.

In addition to the command center, Alaska Base was also the home of the Grand Cannon, an enormous secret weapon designed as a counterstrike measure against the Zentraedi Armada.

The surface of Alaska Base

The underground command center of Alaska base

A room in Alaska Base where Admiral Hayes greets his daughter Lisa