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Invid Enforcer

Also known as: Gamo, Pincer Enforcer

Heavy Weapons Command Mecha

Mecha Class: Arthropod.
Crew: 1 Invid pilot.
Weight: 28 tons

Depth: 6.4m
Height: 9.7m
Breadth: 9.1m
Max ground speed: 95 kph
Max flight speed: 725 kph

2 x triple barrel beam cannons on both sides of the mecha's shoulders.
2 x single barrel light plasma cannons in conformal pods under the chin.

Invid Enforcer (front view)

The powerful beam cannons of the Enforcer are enough to make anyone run for cover!

The Invid Enforcer, ready to defend the Hive

An Enforcer awaits orders.

Until the development of the Invid Commander, the Invid Enforcer was the main command unit directing forces in the field and is piloted by higher caste Invid beings.

Suited for land and space combat, the Enforcer is a fearsome and powerful weapon. It's two large beam cannons merge their fire into a powerful particle beam that can devastate well armored targets. It also has two small plasma cannons under its chin for use in close quarters combat.

The Enforcer is a massive mecha, a fact often overlooked when one only looks at its height, for the Enforcer is almost as wide as it is tall. In the Invid armies the mecha appears to fulfill two main functions; first there is its aforementioned command role, but the Enforcer also operates, often with the Invid Commander, as a heavy weapons platform. This is possible because the Enforcer carries the most firepower of any Invid mecha, including even the Invid Commander, although it is also the least manuverable. Its mobility however is good, through what appears to be a brute-force approach with its engine design.

Like all Invid mecha, the Enforcer has protoculture sensors in addition to optical and electro-magnetic sensors. The Enforcer is well armored, and the carapace armour can withstand several direct strikes from an Alpha fighters' beam cannon. However, as with the smaller Invid mecha, the primary sensor is very vulnerable and even a human hand weapon can penetrate it and the pilot deeper inside, if aimed well. There is also another spot as vulnerable, directly between the engines, but this is admittedly hard to hit.

First Appearance:
Episode #73 - "Sandstorm"