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Robotech World Podcast : Let’s talk about MUSIC for the live action film adaptation, favorite composers and genres we like.
Posted: 20 May 2019 09:49 PM  
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We discuss about what we would like to hear in terms of musical composition for the Robotech live action film adaptation. It runs the gambit for our favorites composers from film and TV to video games. Even old school music from our favorite singers and bands to modern music. Since this will be a reboot for the film adaptation.

Anything goes, so tonight let’s have some fun and talk about our favorite music and music genres we would like to see in the upcoming film.

Follow us here;

Robotech World : Film music, what we like to see!!!



That’s X-COM baby!

Posted: 16 September 2022 12:07 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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I have some short experience of composing music myself and I can tell you that if you use some shitty sheap electric piano, you music will smell like shit too.

Posted: 16 September 2022 08:13 AM   [ # 2 ]  
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Joined  2022-08-31

First of all, digital piano is not shitty. Although I dislike them too, just because my musical ear is not into this sound that it finds a little artificial. But you have no right to insult any model. And if you want a really great piano sound, you can check as this I found the best brand for me on the whole planet.

Posted: 28 December 2022 01:38 PM   [ # 3 ]  
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Joined  2022-12-28

You wrote very well about it