War Eagles (SIGNED)


This new novel by Carl Macek (producer of Robotech) is based on an original concept by Merian C. Cooper (creator of King Kong).

Just prior to the start of WWII, a publicly humiliated Army Air Corps test pilot, court-martialed and discharged from the service for an unauthorized flight that ultimately endangered the life of President Roosevelt, takes the only job he can get – flying an experimental airplane around the world from pole to pole. When his plane is unexpectedly attacked and crashes on an uncharted island above the Arctic Circle, the pilot discovers a strange land inhabited by a lost tribe of Norsemen who ride giant eagles and, in a surprising turn of events, becomes America's only hope against a devastating sneak attack by the Nazis and their powerful new electromagnetic weapon.

Limited quantity available: each novel shipped from Robotech.com has been signed by author Carl Macek!

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