Speed Racer and Racer X: The Origins Collection (SIGNED)


Years before the live-action film, Wildstorm Productions re-launched Speed Racer in 1999 with a comic book miniseries about the origin of Speed Racer, one of most iconic anime characters from Tatsunoko, the Japanese animation studio behind Robotech. The series was an instant critical success, launching another story reaching back further into the origin of Speed's enigmatic brother known as Racer X. Now, IDW Publishing is pleased to bring these two legends together into a complete 152-page volume chronicling the origins of these pop culture icons.

Featuring the creative team of Tommy Yune (Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles) and Jo Chen (Robotech: Little White Dragon), Speed Racer & Racer X: The Origins Collection retells the origins of the Mach-5 team, brings together all the favorite characters from the TV series, and unlocks the secret origin of Speed's older brother Rex Racer, and his return as the masked and mysterious Racer X. A must for any Speed Racer fan!

Limited quantity available: each trade paperback shipped from Robotech.com has been signed by author Tommy Yune!

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