ROBOTECH: The Macross Saga RPG Sourcebook Paperback

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The Macross® sourcebook is a toy chest packed with the mecha, vehicles, weapons and characters that made Robotech® famous. Valkyries, Destroids, ground vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft, weapons, Zentraedi soldiers, Zentraedi mecha, alien invaders, heroes, villains and more.

• Veritech Fighters and Destroids from the Macross Saga.
• UEG aircraft, ground vehicles, weapons and equipment.
• Zentraedi mecha and select spacecraft.
• Background of Zentraedi warriors and their culture.
• Quick Roll Tables for Macross Saga characters.
• Ordinary People O.C.C., new skills and more.
• Notable anime characters statted out as NPCs.
• Detailed illustrations, stats and information.
• Printed in manga size for easy portability (5x7½ inches).
• Written by Jason Marker & Kevin Siembieda.
• Cover by veteran artist Apollo Okamura.
• 256 pages packed with interior art by Brian & Allen Manning, Mike Majestic and more.

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