ROBOTECH: It’s You - Limited Edition EP

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This limited-edition compact disc EP contains a selection of rare new musical tracks, some never before released on any soundtrack album, in a special preview of the next major compilation in production.

Featuring the compositions of Ulpio Minucci and performed by Rebecca Forstadt (aka. Reba West as Minmei) and Kent Harrison Hayes (as George Sullivan), the music has been painstakingly restored from the original master recordings for the best possible listening experience to date. Also included are an exclusive selection of studio outtakes.

This disc contains the following tracks:

01 - "Introduction only"
02 - It's You slower introduction
03 - "All the way through"
04 - It's You (Minmei version)
05 - "Nice ... here we go"
06 - It's You faster introduction
07 - It's You (instrumental version)
08 - "That's it"
09 - It's You (George Sullivan version)
10 - It's You (piano solo, take 1)
11 - It's You (piano solo, take 2)
12 - It's You (piano accompaniment, take 1)
13 - It's You (piano accompaniment, take 2)
14 - "Take one"
15 - We Will Win (demo version)
16 - Macross Anthem (vocal version)

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