ROBOTECH 20-Disc Complete DVD Set

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One of's "Top 50 Sci-Fi Properties of All Time", the smash-hit anime franchise is back with a 20-disc fan-collectable gift set!

For the first time ever, the entire ROBOTECH® saga is collected in one, 20-disc set featuring the remastered 85-episode television series and 3 feature films:

Robotech: The Sentinels
Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles
Robotech: Love Live Alive

Over 12 hours of special features, with all the extras from previous A&E box sets and a brand new bonus disc containing:

• "Robotech: The Inside Story" documentary, featuring the original 1985 production crew
• "The Making of Love Live Alive" featurette.
• Animatics from Robotech: Love Live Alive
• Deleted scenes from Love Live Alive with commentary by director Greg Snegoff and producer Tommy Yune
• The original Japanese version of Mospeada: Love Live Alive
• Rare promotional videos and trailers
• Presented in fan-collectable packaging with deluxe slipcase

Contains English and Spanish audio, Region 1

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