Robotech New 25th and 30th Anniversary Soundtrack Bundle


This collection contains the 30th Anniversary Soundtrack (3 discs and 116 tracks) plus the 25th Anniversary Collection, combining the We Will Win and It's You EP collections. The 25th Anniversary Collection contain exclusive demo tracks and alternate takes that are not available in the 30th Anniversary Soundtrack.

Over the last five years, Harmony Gold has been redoing an inventory of its media vaults and found several audio tapes that were previously unknown or thought to be lost. These include cleaner versions of many songs that were on the 20th Anniversary Soundtrack, alternate takes, and special 24-track tapes of studio sessions. With these new assets we put in over a year of remastering work and now proudly present to you the 30th Anniversary Soundtrack!

- 144 tracks combined, 4 hours total running time!
- Over half of the previously published tracks now remastered
- Previously combined songs are now split into discrete tracks
- Incidental music
- Studio chatter from 1985
- Extended edition of We Will Win, featuring a new third verse
- George Sullivan version of It's You
- Minmei version of The Way To Love
- An entire Robotech: The Sentinels CD, featuring 23 new tracks
- Robotech: Love Live Alive soundtrack
- Special liner notes detailing all the remastering work
- Liner notes only available on the CD soundtrack

CD Baby Soundtrack Volume 1 (Series Instrumentals)
CD Baby Soundtrack Volume 2 (Series Vocals and Sequel Music)
Amazon Soundtrack Volume 1 (Series Instrumentals)
Amazon Soundtrack Volume 2 (Series Vocals and Sequel Music)
GooglePlay Soundtrack Volume 1 (Series Instrumentals)
GooglePlay Soundtrack Volume 2 (Series Vocals and Sequel Music)
iTunes Soundtrack Volume 1 (Series Instrumentals)
iTunes Soundtrack Volume 2 (Series Vocals and Sequel Music)

(There seems to be an issue with iTunes where the entire Vol 2 is not available to purchase as a full album)

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