MOSPEADA Legioss AFC-01Z Red 1/55 Scale

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Aoshima presents this new release of the Legioss Armo-Fighters, as seen in the original Japanese television series Genesis Climber Mospeada! Like the Robotech Masterpiece Collections, these figures are 1/55 scale and fully transformable, but also feature extra parts and accessories that were previously only seen in Japanese model kits!

The green AFC-01Z variant is also known as the VF/A-6Z Alpha Fighter seen piloted by Rook in Robotech: The New Generation.

- Full transforms into Armo-Fighter, Diver and Soldier modes
- NEW! Additional missile pod on shoulder
- NEW! Additional missiles underneath intake/chest
- Opening cockpit hatch with removable pilot
- Die-cast metal and plastic construction
- Retractable landing gear with real rubber tires

NOTE: illustrated instruction sheet is printed in Japanese

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