Masterpiece Veritech Fighter Vol 4 Max

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Volume 4 of the Masterpiece Collection features Max Sterling's VF-1J!

Masterpiece Collection Veritechs feature:
- 1/55 scale
- Full transformation, requiring no detachable parts
- Rotating landing gear tires made of real rubber
- Opening cockpit with removable pilot
- Optional cockpit heatshield
- Cockpit ladder
- Telescoping gunpod
- Ball-jointed hands with articulated fingers
- Wing-mountable missiles
- Powered eye light with user-replaceable battery and toggle switch
- Tome-style collector's box with gold foil, magnetic door, sliding tray and new artwork
- Certificate of Authenticity, numbered out of 15,000 per volume

3000 special units of each volume will only be available on with a limited cel of the Veritech's pilot... at no additional charge! When you collect all 5 cels and the background, you'll be able to enjoy the complete new "Pilots" illustration!

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