15th ATAC Squadron

The 15th squadron of the Alpha Tactical Armored Corps.

The 15th is a hovertank squadron led by Lt. Dana Sterling. The unit was part of the Alpha Tactical Armored Corp in the United Earth Forces.

Ridiculed at first for being a squadron of undisciplined, spoiled troublemakers and for being led by an unusually young Lieutenant, the 15th Squadron eventually proved itself in several battles against the Robotech Masters. It was the 15th Squadron that was constantly called in for special assignments, including an invasion of one of the Tirolian motherships of the Robotech Masters.

Members included Dana Sterling, Bowie Grant, Angelo Dante, Sean Phillips and Louie Nichols.

The 15th ATAC Squadron heads into battle in their hovertanks

Members of the 15th ATAC Squadron lounge around in their barracks

Dana Sterling calls in her squadron for an inspection