VAIR ih tek

Transforming combat mecha of the United Earth Forces

"VERITech" is an acryonym of the words Variable Engineering and Robotic Integration TECHnology. It is a classification of combat mecha that indicates the mecha's ability to transform into at least 2 distinct configurations. One of the configurations is always a humanoid form called the "Battloid" mode, and the other is a vehicle of some class. Most Veritech fighters also have an intermediate configuration known as "Guardian" mode or "Gladiator" mode.

Veritechs included several different types of combat vehicles, such as aerospace fighters, hovertanks and helicopters and even motorcycles. The most notable are the Valkyries, which were commonly nicknamed "Veritechs" as they were the first such mecha to ever exist.

A Valkyrie, the original series of Veritech fighters

Alphas, a series of advanced Veritech fighters from the Third Robotech War