The homeworld of the Robotech Masters and the seat of the fallen Tirolian Empire.

The third moon of Fantoma, Tirol was the seat of the fallen Tirolian Empire, whose rulers were known as the Robotech Masters. The Tirolians' early mastery of Robotechnology allowed their influence to reach throughout the galaxy and build Tirol into a bustling center of science, commerce, and power.

However, dwindling supplies of Protoculture necessary to feed their massive power requirements touched off a series of wars that eventually devoured their entire civilization. By the time of the arrival of the SDF-3, Tirol had been ravaged by the Invid and left in a state of despair.

Tirol orbits around the gas giant Fantoma.

Tiresia is the capital city of Tirol.

War with the Invid left Tiresia and the rest of Tirol in ruins.