New Macross City

The new city that formed around the SDF-1 at the end of the First Robotech War.

As the First Robotech War was coming to an end, the SDF-1 landed at its final resting place in North America. The original survivors of Macross City aboard the SDF-1 began to recolonize the area and built the City of New Macross around the battered battlefortress.

In the years that followed, the reconstruction effort was plagued by terrorist acts launched by roving bands of Zentraedi that had survived and regrouped to form cells of resistance. One such group led by the Zentraedi warlord Khyron succeeded in restoring a Zentraedi battlecruiser that destroyed the SDF-1 and much of New Macross City.

The wreckage was encased in a massive containment complex and the population of New Macross City was evacuated to Monument City. The site of the battle and the buried Protoculture Matrix of the SDF-1 were code named Reflex Point and remained abandoned until the arrival of the Robotech Masters years later.

New Macross City formed around a massive crater which became the final resting place of the SDF-1.

Unfortunately, the peace at New Macross City was short-lived.

The SDF-1 and much of the the surrounding area was destroyed during the Battle of New Macross in 2014.