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Zentraedi Scoutship

Also known as: Picket Ship, Scout Frigate

Zentraedi Minor Vessel

Class: Space naval vessel
Crew: 70 Zentraedi crewmen, 80 pilots, 40 troops

Length: 498m
Width: 178m
Height: 355m
Mass: 1,525,000 tons (operational)
Range: Full solar system transit capability, unlimited fold range

~14 x general purpose laser/particle beam turrets, scattered around the hull, for light anti-warship, orbital fire support, and anti-mecha duties.
~10 x torpedo tube, capable of delivering two types of anti-warship torpedo.
~24 x missile launcher turret, launching anti-mecha missiles.
50 Fighter Pods
1 Cyclops reconaissance pod
A few launchers and auxilliary vessels

A Zentraedi Scoutship descends on Earth

A Scoutship as it breaks away from a fleet

The Scout Frigate is the smallest, but also the most numerous of Zentraedi warships. Designed as a scout vessel and sensor picket, the Scout Frigate is found in all Zentraedi fleets, providing long range sensor data from their advanced positions to the larger ships.

Since the main mission of the Scout Frigate is reconnaissance, the armaments are limited because of the space devoted to sensor and communications equipment. Because many scouts are needed to adequately cover the three dimensional battleground of space, the Scout Frigate is designed to be the smallest effective vessel, in order to keep production costs low and built as many as possible with the resources at hand.

The Scout Frigate is therefore much smaller than the SDF-1, and can barely defend itself against ships its own size. Much of its internal space is used by a very large hangar, that can just contain one Cyclops scout auxiliary. Likewise, the Scout Frigate carries few mecha, just those needed to defend itself against other mecha.

Despite their apparent fragility, Scout Frigates are very dangerous. They are the eyes of the Zentraedi fleets and where they go, the heavier ships are not far behind; usually they remain in firing range, and these vessels are feeding them accurate targeting data.