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Zentraedi Flagship

Also known as: Nupetiet Vergnitzs

Fleet Command Ship

Class: Space naval vessel
Crew: 3100 Zentraedi crewmen, 4000 pilots, 8000 troops

Length: 4024m
Width: 601m
Height: 653m
Mass: 170,000,000 tons (operational)
Range: Full solar system transit capability, unlimited fold range

6 x main particle cannon, four mounted on the corners of the nose, two on the upper forward hull. Weapons are intended for anti-ship engagements.
~200 x general purpose laser/particle beam turrets, scattered around the hull, for light anti-warship, orbital fire support, and anti-mecha duties.
~60 x reloadable torpedo tubes, capable of delivering two types of anti-warship torpedo.
~240 x missile launcher turret, launching anti-mecha missiles.
4000 mixed Zentraedi ground mecha
2500 Fighter Pods
10 Cyclops reconaissance pods
Various launchers and auxilliary vessels

Views of a Zentraedi Flagship

The enormous Zentraedi flagship as it cruises in space

The undisputed flagship class of the Zentraedi armada, the Nupetiet Vergnitzs is possibly the largest ship with reaction engines ever to be launched by any known race. With a vast complement of attack mecha, a huge array of offensive and defensive weaponry, and enormous capacity to absorb punishment, this vessel is a terrifying sight to any opponent.

However, it is not in this vessel's raw firepower that it most brightly shines. It is first and foremost a command and control vessel. This vessel has the capacity to monitor and direct the actions of thousands of Zentraedi warships, and millions of mecha and aircraft. Because some Zentraedi field commanders (often the best ones) could become unruly during intense combat and forget their objectives, the fleet commander aboard the Nupetiet Vergnitzs class vessel had at his disposal a device called the "manual recall beam", which was emitted from the four flip-up covers for the heavy beam cannons on the nose. This beam, when activated, could override the navigational systems of some or all Zentraedi mecha in theater and force them to return to their ships.

This vessel was quite rare, and was usually commanded by only the most senior fleet commanders of the largest fleets. The most notable vessel from Earth's perspective was Breetai's flagship, which served briefly as Earth's flagship between the Zentraedi Holocaust and the launching of the SDF-3.