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Zentraedi Destroyer

Also known as: Thuverl Salan, Heavy Cruiser

Primary Zentraedi Battle Vessel

Class: Space naval vessel
Crew: 600 Zentraedi crewmen, 400 pilots, 2000 troops

Length: 2300m
Width: 880m
Height: 756m
Mass: 39,500,000 tons (operational)
Range: Full solar system transit capability, unlimited fold range

3 x main particle beam cannon, intended for anti-ship engagements. The weapons are mounted forward on the superstructure.
~48 x general purpose laser/particle beam turrets, scattered around the hull, for light anti-warship, orbital fire support, and anti-mecha duties.
~22 x torpedo tube, capable of delivering two types of anti-warship torpedoes
~70 x missile launcher turret, launching anti-mecha missiles.
~1350 mixed Zentraedi ground mecha
~250 Fighter Pods
2 Cyclops reconaissance pods
Numerous launches and auxilliary vessels

Several Destroyers engage in battle with Earth forces

The backside of the Zentraedi Destroyer

The Zentraedi "Thuverl Salan" Destroyer is the best candidate for the title of standard Zentraedi battle vessel. These ships were built in enormous numbers and form the backbone of the Zentraedi fleet. As befitting a mainstay, the Destroyer has few weaknesses and many strengths.

Based on a triangular hull, with the main engines in sponsons to the side, the Destroyer has a relatively low forward silhouette. The ship has a diverse and powerful armament with three large particle beam cannons, a number of torpedo tubes, and a host of smaller beam cannons and defensive missile turrets. It also carries a large mecha force, and numerous auxiliary vessels.

Fleets of Destroyer vessels are usually commanded from a Queadol Magdomilla command ship. On detached duties, a Destroyer often becomes the flagship of a convoy or task force. During early part of the First Robotech War, several of these ships were destroyed by Earth forces; one near the orbit of Pluto, another in orbit around Saturn, a number in Earth orbit and about four over the Ontario Quadrant.