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Zentraedi Carrier

Also known as: Quiltra Queleual

Multi-purpose Transport Vessel

Class: Space naval vessel
Crew: 1200 Zentraedi crewmen, 430 pilots, 12500 troops

Length: 3000m
Width: 500m
Height: 480m
Mass: 150,000,000 tons (operational, troop carrier version)
Range: Full solar system transit capability, unlimited fold range

~24 x general purpose laser/particle beam turrets
~10 x torpedo tubes, capable of delivering two types of anti-warship torpedoes
~100 x missile turrets, launching anti-mecha missiles
~12000 mixed Zentraedi ground mecha
~250 Fighter Pods
6 Cyclops reconaissance pods
Numerous launches and auxilliary vessels

The backside of the Carrier, with the launch bays

The Zentraedi Carrier travelling with a fleet

The Zentraedi Carrier is the Zentraedi general purpose armed transport and troop ship. Occasionally it is designated in some texts as a tank landing ship, but this is incorrect as the Quiltra Queleual lands its troops either by dropship or by landing on prepared starports.

Even the exterior is suggestive of the Carrier's massive troop and cargo capacity; the ship is very utilitarian, shaped like a brick to maximize usable internal space. Since it is not intended to fight in any ship-to-ship battles, its armament is mostly for self-defence, leaving large-scale fighting to its escorts. The beam cannon outfit is however suitable to provide fire support for her landed troops.

Apart from its troop carrier function, the Carrier also serves as the standard Zentraedi tender, transport and tanker, something for which it is eminently suited due to its large volume. These roles require, however, a refit of part or all of the interior of the vessel that precludes its use as a troopship.