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Veritech VF-1R

Also known as: Mystery Veritech, Refurbished Veritech, "Refurbies"

Retrofitted/Upgraded Veritech Fighter, seen during the raid in Episode 32 (Broken Heart) and in the Robotech Battlecry videogame

Designation: VF-1R
Mecha Class: Veritech fighter, aerospace capable
Crew: 1 pilot
Weight: 13.3 metric tons (dry)

Length: 14.2 m
Height: 3.8 m
Wingspan: 8.3-14.8 m
Max speed at sea level: Mach 1.4
Max speed at 10,000m: Mach 2.71
Max speed at 30,000m: Mach 3.87

Length: 11.0 m
Height: 8.7 m
Wingspan: 8.3-14.8 m
Max speed at all altitudes: 500 kph

Height: 12.7 m
Depth: 4.0 m
Breadth: 7.3 m
Max speed at all altitudes: 194 kph
Max walking speed: 160 kph

1 x 3-barreled 55mm gatling cannon in a gun pod
2 light laser cannons, mounted on the head/turret
1 independently automated pulse cannon, also mounted on the head/turret
2 x light lasers in the nose (upgrade from sensors, only for Veritech fighters aboard the SDF-1)
4 wing hardpoints (2 per wing) each capable of carrying:
- 3 x 300mm medium range missiles, or
- 1 (inner) or 2 (outer) x 533mm long range missiles, or
- 1 x short-range multiple ejection 150mm missile launcher containing 15 missiles

The VF-1R in battloid mode.

The VF-1R head features two standard laser turrets plus a new independently automated pulse cannon.

A VF-1R appears to be dishing out some discipline to a Zentraedi rebel.

The Veritech VF-1 is Earth's first transformable trans-atmospheric fighter. Powered by fusion engines, the VF-1 is fully space-capable, and is carried in great numbers on the SDF-1 as well as the Armor series of carriers. The VF-1 supports 3 modes of operation: fighter mode for aerospace superiority missions, guardian mode for close air support missions, and battloid mode for ground combat missions.

By itself, the VF-1 performs well in a variety of atmospheric operations, due to its sizable, variable-sweep wing surface area and high thrust-to-weight ratio. The VF-1 uses its wing hardpoints to mount a significant number of missiles as well as a gun pod for close range combat.

Though the VF-1 is capable of reaching lower Earth orbit, it is unable to attain escape velocity on its own. Various booster and armor systems were devised to extend its range and/or combat performance.

The VF-1R Veritech Retrofit program was initiated in 2014 to improve the survivability of the Robotech Defense Force's few remaining VF-1A and VF-1J fighters while the next-generation Advanced Veritech Fighter was in development.

Veritechs upgraded to the VF-1R model are easily identifiable by the unique new cannon mounted on the head. Though it may simply appear to be simply a third laser turret, it is actually a pulse autocannon which is automated independently of the pilot. Its computerized system automatically targets incoming missiles and other ordinance to free up the pilot to concentrate on mission objectives, greatly increasing combat performance and survivability. However, early YF-1R prototypes did not feature this autocannon tracking system.

First Appearance:
Episode 32 - "Broken Heart"

Also available on
- Masterpiece Vol.6: Jack Archer's YF-1R
- Robotech comic miniseries (with cameo of VF-1R)