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Veritech Spartas

Also known as: Hovertank

Transforming Hovertank of the United Earth Defense Forces

Designation: VHT-1
Mecha Class: Veritech hovertank
Crew: 1 pilot
Weight: 26.40 tons (dry)

Length: 6.00 m
Height: 2.25 m
Width: 2.7 m
Max speed: 161 kph

Length: 7.75 m
Height: 4.50 m
Width: 2.25 m
Max speed: 13 kph

Depth: 2.00m
Height: 6.20m
Breadth: 4.40m
Max speed: 56 kph

1 x single barrel 105mm high velocity cannon with 60 shells. This cannon is mounted in the right arm.
1 x 28mm beam cannon gun pod (Battloid mode) or mounted on the front in hovertank mode.
1 x triple-barreled 36mm pulse beam cannon mounted in the left arm

The Veritech Spartas in Battloid mode.

The Veritech Spartas in Hovertank mode.

The Veritech Spartas in Guardian mode.

The Veritech Spartas Hovertank (usually just called Hovertank) is one of the fastest battle mecha in the Armies of the Southern Cross, and often serves as the backbone of the Southern Cross' ground offensives. In the last months of the war, the Hovertank was even used in space against the Robotech Masters' Motherships as a boarding mecha. The Southern Cross built large numbers of these tanks, almost all were lost against the Masters or the Invid.

The Hovertank is especially adept at reconaissance missions, for which its high speed and relatively small size make it well suited. In addition, the Hovertanks' great speed often make them the first mecha to arrive on the battlefield. This high speed is made possible by four hover engines, which can make the tank float over most kinds of difficult terrain.

As a Battloid, the Hovertank is capable of absorbing heavy punishment without being destroyed. The arms carry heavily armored covers than can act as shields. These arm shields also contain the weapons for the Guardian mode: a large projectile cannon and a triple-barreled pulse beam gun. In Hovertank and Battloid mode, the weapon used is a rifle-like beam cannon pod, although the cannon can also be used in Battloid mode, provided that the mecha is braced to absorb the recoil.

A later variant developed just in time for the Second Robotech War was the VHT-1A1, which differed from the earlier model in that it replaced the heavy cannon with a large beam cannon. Also, late in the Second Robotech War, many Hovertanks were refitted with armored closed cockpits and with rocket pods for use in space against the Robotech Masters' fleet. These versions became known as the VHT-1A2 (refitted -1) and VHT-1A3 (refitted -1A1).

The main drawback of the Hovertank is the open pilot position in Hovertank and Guardian modes. Aside from making the pilot vulnerable to enemy fire, this is also unpleasant and tiring in inclement weather.