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Veritech Logan

Light Veritech Fighter

Designation: VF-8
Mecha Class: Veritech Fighter, 2 mode
Crew: 1 pilot
Weight: 6.5 tons (dry)

Length: 6.29m
Height: 2.29m
Wingspan: 6.29m
Max speed at sea level: 700 kph
Max speed at 10,000m: 1500 kph
Max speed at 30,000m: n/a

Depth: 4.55m
Height: 5.35m
Breadth: 3.00m
Max speed at all altitudes: 350 kph
Max walking speed: 64 kph

1 x triple-barreled rapid-fire plasma disk cannon in the nose
1 x light laser gunpod
2 x 1 hardpoints (1 rail per forearm/wing root) each capable of mounting (must be expended/ejected before transforming):
1 x 275mm medium range missile

The Veritech Logan in space combat

The mecha of the Southern Cross were generally quite small, in comparison to preceeding and successive generations of Earth mecha, but the Logan was perhaps the smallest true mecha that Earth fielded in large numbers. This tiny fighter was meant to provide an extremely difficult target, while remaining nimble. The armament was light, perhaps too light to reliably engage the Bioroids it found itself facing. Similarly, the wings were very small, limiting the amount of lift the vehicle could achieve, and hence limiting its value as a fighter.

The Logan was capable of space combat, though it had to be brought to these high altitudes by a shuttle or warship. To facilitate maneuver in space, and to compensate for a lack of an airbrake, the Logan mounted two counter-vernier thrusters on the "shoulders". In Battloid, the Logan retained both upward thrust (in the feet), and forward thrust in the main engines, in rear.

The Logan fared poorly in the Second Robotech War, and it was quickly eclipsed by the AGACs in space, and by the non-transformable fighters like the Chimera in the air.

The second mode is often mistaken for a Guardian - however, despite its similar appearance, this mode is categorized as a full Battloid. In a Veritech's Guardian mode, the leg joints are concave "bird legs," whereas Battloids stand fully erect and have humanoid bipedal locomotion, like the Logan. In addition, all other Veritech Fighters retain their wings in Guardian, whereas the transformed Logan folds them out of the way as do other Battloids.