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Veritech Cyclone VR-052

Standard Armor Veritech Motorcycle

Designation: VR-052

Length: 2.4m (7.1ft)
Height: 1.2m (3.8ft)
Width: 0.5m (1.6ft)
Max speed: 200kph (124mph)

Height: 2.5m (7.2ft)
Breadth: 1.0m (3.3ft)
Depth: 1.7m (5.4ft)
Max flight speed: 60 kph (assuming 85 kg pilot)
Max walking speed: Approx. 25% greater than pilot's top running speed.

VR-052 Cyclone Ride-Armor

The VR-052F in Cycle-mode.

The VR-052T in cycle mode (note the attached EP-40 pistol)

Following the successful deployment of the VR-030 and VF-040 series , the VR-050 series took the best elements of previous Cyclone designs and put them all in one package, resulting in the final production model VR-052. The lightweight agility of the VR-030 combined with the heavy firepower capability of the 040 series made for what would become the standard ride-armor for REF soldiers.

As the VR-052 entered service, Cyclone platoons no longer had to balance their light and heavy Cyclone assets as the VR-052 was well suited to both roles. The 030 and 040 series still saw much action, but were now used more to augment and support of the main line Cyclone infantry units using the VR-052.

The versatility of the VR-050 series is demonstrated by the externally mounted weapons such as the EP-40 pistol featured on the "T" model and the forearm mounted anti-personnel missiles on the "F" Cyclone.

First Appearance:
Episode 61 - "The Invid Invasion"

Also available on
- Robotech: New Generation i-Men set