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Veritech Cyclone VR-041

Also known as: Saber, Brosuperior

Heavy Armor Veritech Motorcycle

Designation: VR-041

Length: 2.0m (6.9ft)
Height: 1.0m (3.6ft)
Width: 0.5m (1.6ft)
Max speed: 200kph (124mph)

Height: 2.3m (6.9ft)
Breadth: 1.0m (3.3ft)
Depth: 1.6m (5.2ft)
Max flight speed: 60 kph (assuming 85 kg pilot)
Max walking speed: Approx. 25% greater than pilot's top running speed.

VR-041 Cyclone Ride-Armor

VR-041 - cycle mode

VR-041H has a unique front end, chest-mounted missile pack.

The VR-041H in action

Unlike the quick strike "hit and run" tactics that exemplified the abilities of its -030 predecessor, the -040 series Cyclone was designed to get its hands dirty in frontline heavy duty combat roles. The -040 series packed a lot of firepower in its two weapons pods that would mount on the "chest" of the ride armor battloid-mode.

The two launchers any carry twelve (six in each pod) units of mission-specific ordnance. When equipped with the missile package, the short-range missiles find their targets via the standard terminal laser adar-guided system found on all Cyclones. The -040 series has the ability to deliver a devastating missile barrage along with the speed and mobility inherent with all transformable veritech motorcycles.

Though lacking a specific anti-personnel firearm as part of its standard fixed weaponry, the -040 series is unique amongst its fellow Cyclones with its distinctive ceramic blades fitted to the forearm guard front wheel covers. The strong, lightweight sabers were developed to pierce Invid armor and hive walls, but are also incredibly lethal weapons in close combat.

As with other Cyclones, the pilot of this mecha wears the standard armor suit, the CVR-3.

H: The "Heavy" unit configuration. Used for fire support and demolition missions.
M: A favorite model for REF medics where the missile pods are replaced with medical supplies easily accessible for battlefield triage.

First Appearance:
Episode 64 - "Survival"

Also available on
- Robotech: New Generation i-Men set