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Veritech Beta VFB-9

Also known as: Beta Fighter

Heavy Strike Fighter/Bomber, Alpha Booster Unit

Designation: VF/B-9
Mecha Class: Veritech fighter/bomber, aerospace capable.
Crew: 1 pilot.
Weight: 29.50 tons (dry)

Length: 9.70m
Height: 6.10m
Wingspan: 19.50m
Max speed at sea level: 700 kph
Max speed at 18,000m: 1930 kph
Max speed at 45,000m: 8900 kph (in ballistic flight)

Length: 8.00m
Height: 8.50m
Wingspan: 19.50m
Max speed at all altitudes: 500 kph

Height: 13.70m
Depth: 7.30m
Breadth: 8.50m
Max speed at all altitudes: 482 kph
Max walking speed: 128 kph

3 x 3-barreled 80mm pulse beam cannons, one mounted in the center intake, available in fighter and guardian modes, and the other two mounted on the leg intakes, available only in fighter mode
2 x 3-barreled pulse beam cannons, mounted in the forearms, and available only in Battloid mode
2 x chest missile launchers holding 10 x 190mm short-range missiles each. Blocked when Alpha fighter joined. Total ammunition supply on the vehicle is 40 missiles.
2 x shoulder missile launchers holding 8 x 340mm short-range missiles each, mounted behind the chest launcher and firing from the top.
1 x bomb bay capable of holding 4 metric tons of ordnance, the size limited by the bay doors.
3 x hardpoints on each wing capable of carrying long-range missiles or multiple ejection launchers. However, all of the ordnance must be ejected before the Beta can go to Battloid mode.

(Top) VF/B-9 Beta in battloid mode.
(Bottom) Alpha-Beta combination.

The VF/B-9 Beta in fighter mode.

With its imposing size and firepower, the Beta is one of the strongest mechas of the Robotech Forces.

Its heavy missile and bomb load gives the Beta the power of a small army.

Though not as maneuverable as the Alpha fighter, the Beta can still hold its own in aerial combat.

The Veritech Beta Fighter was developed as a heavily armed and armored booster system for the Alpha fighter to extend its range in space, as well providing the ability to reach orbit from the surface. The fighter can operate from the Horizont dropship when joined with an Alpha fighter. Besides operating as a large fuel tank for the space Alpha-Beta combination, it allows for high thrust capabilities for an Alpha Battloid for high maneuverability in close combat, in addition to augmenting the Alpha's missile load, and carrying a formidable weapons capability when operating independently.

Without the attached Alpha fighter, the Beta fighter relies on its excessive thrust to overcome its non-aerodynamic shape in an atmosphere. Its true power comes in Battloid mode, where an impressive amount of firepower is available for heavy assault.

The Beta fighter was first tested as early as 2022 as the VF-X-7, but the tests were deemed a failure, and the Beta concept was shelved for over a decade, while the SFA-5 Conbat soldiered on as the Expeditionary Force's heavy ordnance strike fighters. Eventually, the Beta concept was revived with significant updates and upgrades, and entered service as the VF/B-9 only a few years before the ill-fated Mars Division mission to reclaim Earth.

Beta fighters are deployed in unit colors that usually match their mated Alpha fighter.

First Appearance:
Episode 61 - "The Invid Invasion"

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