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Veritech Alpha VFA-6Z

Also known as: Red Alpha

Alpha Fighter Optimized for Aerial Combat

Designation: VF/A-6Z
Mecha Class: Veritech fighter, aerospace capable.
Crew: 1 pilot.
Weight: 16.70 tons (dry)

Length: 10.25m
Height: 4.60m
Wingspan: 8.20m
Max speed at sea level: 1200 kph
Max speed at 10,000m: 2050 kph
Max speed at 30,000m: 3250 kph

Length: 8.00m
Height: 5.72m
Width: 4.84m
Max speed at low altitudes: 775 kph

Depth: 5.25m
Height: 8.75m
Breadth: 4.84m
Max speed at all altitudes: 368 kph
Max walking speed: 140 kph

1 x 3-barreled 80mm pulse beam cannon in a gun pod.
Barrels usually fire. A second pod is possible, but not standard
2 x Light lasers in the Alpha's nose
4 x 78mm short-range missiles mounted in the head. Total ammunition supply is 8 missiles
60 x 190mm short-range missiles, mounted in single-shot surface launchers spread out along the fuselage

The VF/A-6Z in battloid mode.

The VF/A-6Z in fighter mode.

The VF/A-6Z in guardian mode.

The Veritech Alpha Fighter is Earth's premier third-generation transformable fighter, serving the Expeditionary Forces through its mission in deep space and the reclamation missions to Earth. The fighter is fully space-capable, and is carried in great numbers on the Ikazuchi-class cruiser.

However, the limited fuel tankage of this craft gives it short legs in space, a deficiency that led to the development of the Beta Fighter, to which this mecha can attach. In addition, the Alpha can not reach suborbital altitudes on its own, and also required the Beta for this.

The Alpha also shines in atmospheric operations, where its small size and large thrust to weight ratio makes it a nimble and elusive target. This is made possible by two powerful main engines in the legs, powerful secondary engines in the forearms, and a dedicated VTOL thruster on the underside of the fuselage.

The Alpha's weapons fit is extremely powerful for a fighter of this size, and carries a destructive capacity comparable to the heaviest of the first-generation Destroids, combining a powerful beam gun with a vast number of short-range missiles.

Introduced late in the 3rd Robotech War, the -Z variant, often painted red, and optimized for atmospheric operations, was distinct in the thick dorsal stabilizer on its head. Beyond the obvious change, the -Z was outfitted with more powerful engines, and was a more capable fighter in all modes and at all altitudes. It was expected that this fighter would become the standard variant late in the 3rd Robotech War, but this was superceded by the Shadowfighter, which did not incorporate the improved engines.

First Appearance:
Episode 70 - "Enter Marlene"

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