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Veritech AGAC

Also known as: Ajax, Veritech Chopper, Veritech Copter

Armored Gyro Assault Chopper

Designation: VFH-10
Mecha Class: Veritech Fighter/Helicopter
Crew: 1 pilot
Weight: 16.8 tons (dry)

Length: 9.0 m
Height: 3.0 m
Wingspan: 6.9 m
Max speed at sea level: 1000 kph
Max speed at 30,000m: 1660 kph

Length: 9.0 m
Height: 3.2 m
Wingspan: 6.9 m
Rotor diameter: 7.1m
Max speed: 386 kph

Depth: 2.5m
Height: 8.9m
Breadth: 2.8m
Rotor diameter: 7.1m
Max running speed: 56 kph
Max flying speed: 300 kph.

2 x single or twin barreled beam cannon gunpod(s) on the arm(s) (fire in all modes)
1 x single barreled beam cannon in the nose sensor cluster (fires in fighter and helicopter mode)
2 x launcher for cluster missiles, 12 missiles total (fire in all modes)

The Veritech AGAC in Battloid mode.

The “Ajax” in combat, entering a Robotech Masters vessel

The Veritech AGAC (commonly called the Ajax) is the last mecha series developed by the Armies of the Southern Cross. The mecha was designed as a cooperative project between the Southern Cross space forces and the ground forces, and is equally at home in space or attacking enemy forces near the ground. It only does not shine as an atmospheric fighter, although it is certainly no slouch in that regard. Large numbers of the AGACs were built by the Southern Cross, almost all falling to either the Robotech Masters or the Invid.

The space forces mostly use the Fighter and Battloid modes; the ground forces use the AGACs mostly as an attack ship in its Helicopter mode and also as a Battloid. Most AGACs were assigned to the space forces to replace losses. The AGAC is rarely used as a high performance fighter, which it is not designed for. In space its many engines give it good acceleration and superb control, and its multiple beam cannons can fire without loss of effective range due to the atmosphere. Near the ground, the Helicopter mode makes it possible for the AGACs to hover behind cover more effectively than earlier veritechs, because it is less high than Guardian modes. Its beam cannons still work good at medium ranges, and its missiles are very effective both in space and near the ground.

The transformation from Fighter to Helicopter mode is less extensive than other transformations of veritech fighters; as a result, the AGACs could be kept relatively small and simple. To avoid having to built in a tail rotor, the designers gave the Helicopter mode contra-rotating rotors; and to resist enemy fire from the ground, the underside of the wing box was reinforced. In Battloid mode, this base forms the chest plate of the robot, although during transformation, this part of the mecha is very vulnerable. Almost all its weapons are mounted in gun or missile pods, for ease of maintenance and switching. In all, the AGAC is a succesfull design, although it suffered grievous losses against the Robotech Masters, along with all other Earth mecha and ships.