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Tokugawa-class Battleship

Super-Carrier of the early Expeditionary Forces

Class: Space naval vessel
Crew: 2600 crewmen, 3900 pilots, air group and troops

Length: 1120m
Width: 430m
Height: 357m
Mass: 10,800,000 tons (operational)
Range: Full solar system transit capability, unlimited fold range

2 x twin-barreled beam cannon on both sides of the command tower.
1 x quadruple-barreled beam cannon forward of the command tower.
12 x single barrel medium beam cannon turret.
15 x heavy nuclear missile launch tubes with 150 rockets.
6 x 15-silo defensive missile launcher
12 x single barrel point defense cannon
~1000 veritechs and non-transformable aerospace fighters
Numerous auxiliary craft and shuttles.

The side of the massive Tokugawa Carrier

The Tokugawa class is, in many ways, the ultimate development of the Armor series sublight carriers concept built until 2010. The first generation of starships to be designed and built purely by Earth engineers, the Tokugawa is almost as large as the SDF-1 Macross, though markedly lighter, as it lacks a reflex cannon. However, their main design features were too far along to be altered before production began, and as a result the ships do not benefit completely from the combat experience gained in the First Robotech War.

Like the Armors, the Tokugawas are a carrier design with mecha and ship mounted heavy missiles as their main armament; their cannons are mostly defensive and do not have a particularly high firepower. Given the relative speeds of the opposing main weapon systems (aircraft versus energy beams), the Tokugawas are at an extreme disadvantage unless they manage to launch their mecha at close range and undetected in a surprise anti-shipping strike. Due to their size, the vessels were often referred to as 'battlefortresses'.

The class has a fairly typical early-Earth design hull and command tower. Eight large and four smaller main engines sit in the stern of the vessels, and the mecha hangars are in the forward section. Due to the vulnerability of these ships in a stand-up fight, many were relegated to transport duties later into the Expeditionary Force mission.

One ship of this class was destroyed over Earth with the Robotech Master mothership she rammed after her air strike failed and her position became known to the Robotech Masters, who promptly proceeded to show once again the inadequacy of the design concept in space warfare.