Class: Space naval vessel
Crew: 9,000 to 10,000. Troops and air group: 30,000 to 45,000. Civilians: 150,000 to 270,000.

Length: 7,260m
Width: 5,815m
Height: 605m (main hull), 1210m (over all)
Mass: 6,280,000,000 tons (typical)
Range: Interstellar transit capability, unlimited fold range

- 1 x Reflex Cannon (heavy particle beam), firing forward, upwards or downwards.
- 930 x particle beam cannons for anti-ship/anti-mecha combat. Many cannons can concentrate their fire on one section of an enemy ship.
- 1200 x triple-barreled point-defense cannons

The Mothership can serve as a carrier for vessels up to the size of the heavy cruiser including:
- approx. 200 series corvettes
- approx. 300 air defense drones
- 20,000 to 30,000 Bioroids
- an undetermined number of auxiliary spacecraft

The first garbled sighting of a Tirolian Mothership by Robotech Defense Forces before all lines of communication with Space Station Liberty were cut.

Prior to the Second Robotech War, few had ever witnessed a Tirolian Mothership in battle and lived to tell the tale.

A fleet of giant motherships dispatched from Tirol, the homeworld of the Robotech Masters.

The Robotech Masters finally arrive at Earth to reclaim the lost Protoculture Matrix.

The Robotech Master motherships are enormous constructs that form the most technologically advanced known civilization in space. The vessels serve as combat ships, manufacturing centers, population habitats and serve all other functions required by an advanced civilization.

Shapes as an elongated hexagon with several superstructures and large antennas hung underneath, the motherships have thick walls and diverse defensive force walls to protect themselves from incoming fire. Their defensive and offensive armament is very extensive, and includes a Reflex Cannon that does require the ship to open two parallel booms.

Unique to all known space vessels, the motherships use a reactionless drive system. On arrival near Earth, an oversight in the engine armour protection allowed this drive to be easily disabled on one of the ships, but this was immediately rectified on this and all other vessels.

Internally, the vessels have clearly distinctive sections. The civilian population lives in an artificial cityscape divided in numerous levels and sections. Outside this area are engineering sections, large holds for ships as large as heavy cruisers, hangar rooms, command centers and a myriad of other spaces.

During the Second Robotech War, most of the motherships that had traveled to Earth were either destroyed or crashed onto the surface. Zor Prime himself destroyed the flagship above Reflex Point in a futile attempt to destroy the Protoculture Matrix and the Invid Flower of Life.