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Tirolian Heavy Cruiser

Class: Space naval vessel
Crew: 90; troops and air group 132

Length: 348m (main hull), 386m (over all)
Width: 56m (main hull), 101m (over all)
Height: 103m (main hull), 148m (over all)
Mass: 240,000 tons (typical)
Range: Full solar system transit capability, unlimited fold range

4 x single-barreled main particle beam cannon in the nose.
4 x Reflex cannons (aka "electromagnetic fusion beam") sharing the same mounts as the main particle beam cannons.
4 x single-barreled secondary beam cannon in the stern.
2 x triple-barrel particle beam cannon in the lower hull.
2 x single-barreled particle beam cannon on the upper hull.
10 x triple-barreled point defense cannons.
Air Group: 72 Bioroids with Hoversleds, and a small number of auxiliary spacecraft.

The Masters' heavy cruiser is, ton for ton, the most heavily armed ship known. They are based in the large vessel holds of the Masters' motherships, and usually serve as the escort fleet units for these large vessels.

Although not equipped with force fields, the heavy cruiser is a very sturdy vessel that can absorb much punishment before she is destroyed. The heaviest of the weapon systems, including the bombardment fusion cannons, face forward, mounted in four 'bent' cannon barrels which are a clear visual distinction. The central sections bulges out slightly in the horizontal, before narrowing again towards the main engines.

This class was responsible, during the Second Robotech War, for many kills on ships and mecha from the Armies of the Southern Cross. In the climactic battle of that war, the Southern Cross Headquarters, with the Supreme Commander, was vaporised by a fusion beam salvo from one of these vessels. Few survived the Robotech Wars.