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Invid Overlord

Also known as: Gosamu

Variable Combat Mecha for Humanoid Invid Pilots

Mecha Class: Variable combat prototype
Crew: 1 humanoid pilot
Weight: 36 tons

Length: 9.1m
Height: 3.7m
Wingspan: 4.2m
Max speed at sea level: 1050 kph
Max speed at 10,000m: 1800 kph
Max speed at 30,000m: 2800 kph

Depth: 5.9m
Height: 7.8m
Breadth: 5.4m
Max flight speed: 720kph

Depth: 4.7m
Height: 10.1m
Breadth: 5.3m
Max ground speed: 108kph
Max flight speed: 635kph (at low altitudes)

2 x large pulse/beam cannons mounted on the arms.
2 x plasma cannon pods mounted on the back thrusters.
72 x point-blank 180mm missiles, 36 in the upper section of each back thruster.
56 x short range 290mm short-range missiles, 28 in the aft section of each rear thruster.

The Invid Overlord in Battloid mode.

The Overlord in Fighter mode.

The Overlord in Guardian mode.

Following the Invid metamorphosis into human form, prototype mecha combining the best attributes of the Invid Fighter Scout, Enforcer, and Commander, were created to counter human advancements in Robotechnology, most notably the Veritech Alpha and Beta Fighters. Called the Invid Overlord, this variable mecha was intended to be presented to the highest ranking humanoid members of Invid society.

The Overlord is the first Invid mecha to incorporate fully-transformable variable geometry, but fortunately none were deployed before the Robotech Expeditionary Force's final assault to reclaim the Earth. The scattered remains of prototype unit(s) found at Reflex Point are the only evidence that this unique alien mecha even existed.

First Appearance
Robotech: Invasion