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Invid Commander

Also known as: Gosu

Command Combat Mecha for Humanoid Invid Pilots

Mecha Class: Battloid.
Crew: 1 humanoid pilot.
Weight: 28 tons

Depth: 3.6m
Height: 8.75m
Breadth: 4.1m
Max ground speed: 112kph
Max flight speed: 650kph (at low altitudes)

1 x single barrel large pulse/beam cannon mounted on the right arm.
1 x single barrel medium beam cannon mounted in the head.
64 x point-blank 180mm missiles, 32 in the upper section of each rear thruster.
42 x short range 290mm short-range missiles, 21 in the aft section of each rear thruster.

Invid Commander (front view)

Two Royal Commander units, piloted by Invid Prince Corg and Prince Sera.

Its missile package makes the Invid Commander the most lethal of all Invid mecha.

A standard Invid Commander meets its fate near Reflex Point.

Coinciding with the Invid metamorphosis into human form, the Invid Commander battloid was created to serve in a new, more demanding and urgent role as the Invid were increasingly threatened by the insurgent human forces. Only the highest ranking members of Invid society were given this new mecha.

Unlike all other Invid designs, the Commander is a humanoid-shaped battloid. It is manned by a single transmutated humanoid Invid and serves in command roles, allowing more independent action rather than central control from Reflex Point.

Although the Invid Commander is not small, standing slightly taller than the Alpha, it is suprisingly nimble, mainly thanks to its two powerful engines, which are mounted in pods on the back. The armament is devastatingly effective, with a large dual-mode cannon on the right arm capable of shooting either energy beams or plasma discs, a smaller cannon in the head and, unique for Invid mecha, a dual missile battery in the engine pods.

Like all Invid mecha, the Invid Commander has protoculture sensors in addition to optical and electro-magnetic sensors. The Invid Commander is well armored, and the arms carry shields which can absorb the impact of a medium missile salvo or the beam cannon of the Alpha fighter.

The pilot sits behind a transparent hull plate, which is less well armored than the rest of the mecha.

First Appearance
Episode #76 - "Metamorphosis"