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Horizon-T class Combat Dropship

Also known as: "HorizonT", shuttle

Multi-purpose trans-atmospheric spacecraft

Class: Space naval auxiliary vessel.
Crew: 8 crewmen, 2 pilots
(Capacity for for up to additional 14 air group personnel or combat troops, additional personel carried in underwing cargo pods)

Length: 62m.
Span: 67m.
Height: 21m.
Mass: 2200 tons.
Range: Trans-atmospheric orbital ascent capability

1 Armored Alpha+Beta Fighter combination(optional)

(Top images) The Horizon-class multi-purpose spacecraft shown in its “Horizon-T” configuration.
(Bottom images) Cargo pod detail and Horizon without its cargo pod attachment.

Horizon-T transports enroute to Earth.

Without fighter cover, the Horizon-T transports are sitting ducks for Invid attacks.

Horizon-T attempting re-entry during First Mars Division Assault.

With the ability to handle cargo pods as well as heavy weapons attachments, the versatile Horizon class ships are the workhorse of the REF.

The basic design allows the ship to quickly handle any number of combat and support roles by simply interchanging the underwing attachment pods.

The cockpit section sits in the bow of the Horizon and is detachable in emergency situations and can serve as a life capsule. Through a narrow neck and a troop compartment for Cyclone riders the crew can reach an Alpha fighter bay, where the pilot can be inserted into the fighter and the fuel replenished. The bay can hold accomodate one Alpha (with Beta-combination) Aft of this mecha bay are the engines.

One of the most common models of the Horizon is the "T" version (Horizon-T) which features a cargo shuttle system designed to efficiently deliver logistics and personnel to a planet while minimizing the time the shuttle has to remain in the landing zone. This design requirement was achieved by placing most of the cargo in two detachable underwing cargo pods. After dropping the pods and internally carried troops in the landing zone, the Horizon-T dropship can ascend to the orbiting fleet and collect a new cargo for delivery.

Though most combat roles are filled by the Alpha and Beta fighters, the Horizon is also very capable of fulfilling combat roles. Other versions include the "B" bomber-version (Horizon-B) and the "E" Early Warning and Control (EWAC, Horizon-E)

First Appearance:
Episode #61 - "The Invid Invasion"