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Garfish-class Cruiser

Light Cruiser of the Expeditionary Forces

Class: Space naval vessel
Crew: 57 crewmen, 40 pilots and air group personnel, additional troops as stationed on board

Length: 179m
Width: 59m
Height: 33m (main hull), 56m (including hangars), 70m (overall)
Mass: 69,800 tons (operational).
Range: Full solar system transit capability, unlimited fold range

1 x triple large beam cannon turret under the keel forward.
6 x missile launch tube around the forward hull.
15 Alpha fighters
Additional mecha can be carried in the cargo hold.

Standard Light Cruiser of the Robotech Expeditionary Force

Its size and versatility make the Garfish an essential component of the Robotech arsenal.

With its extensive weapons and armaments, the Garfish serves in both space-based and planetary assault functions…

...but it is not indestructible.

The standard light starship of the later Expeditionary Force is the Garfish light cruiser. Almost identical in length to the earlier Banshee class destroyers, the Garfish qualifies as a cruiser by dint of its heavy beam cannon armament. The beam cannons slung under a Garfish are the largest in their class, and only mounted on the Garfish and the large SDF-4.

Internally, the Garfish class has a large general purpose hold in the central part of the ship. This hold allows the cruisers to be used as long endurance cruisers through storage of additional stores, but also as a high speed transport or even as an infantry assault craft by using the hold for general cargo or troops. Externally, the most obvious features are the large underslung beam cannon turret, the mecha hangars underneath the hull aft of this weapon, and the multiple aft engines needed to propel the cruiser without affecting stability.

The beam cannon armament is backed up by six missile launchers, and the hangars can house a reinforced squadron of Veritech fighters. However, the cruiser lacks a close-in defensive armament and this took a heavy toll on the class during the attack waves against the Robotech Masters and the Invid.

First Appearance:
Episode #61 - "The Invid Invasion"