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Destroid Spartan

Also known as: Gladiator

Mainforce Battloid

Designation: MBR-07-Mk II
Mecha Class: Battloid
Crew: 1 pilot.
Weight: 29.4 tons (dry)

Height: 11.3m (to shoulder)
Breadth: 7.9m
Depth: 6.1m
Max walking speed: 104 kph

2 x light lasers, located in a turret on the top of the mecha
2 x Missile launchers in the shoulder, each carrying 12 short-range heavy missiles
1 x Gun cluster in the center torso containing:
- 1 x 32 mm autocannon
- 1 x 180mm direct-fire mortar
- 1 x light laser
- 1 x flamethrower
- 12.7 mm machinegun

A pair of Destroid Spartans

A Spartan cleans up after a Zentraedi revolt

The Destroid Spartan was designed to maximize flexibility in all the ways the Tomahawk was designed to maximize firepower. Though still equipped with a formidable missile armament, the Spartan lacked the punch from guns, and its laser and gun cluster were mainly intended for defensive purpose. Instead, the Spartan was meant to be able to be similar in capability to a Veritech Valkyrie in Battloid mode, including carrying a gunpod, but with far heavier armor.

The mecha is equipped with vernier thrusters, making it capable of limited space operations. In most cases, the mecha was used on the deck of the SDF-1, and its capacity to maneuver in zero-gee was limited to propelling itself back toward the ship's deck, if it is ever knocked off