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Destroid Phalanx

Artillery Battloid

Designation: SDR-04-Mk XII
Mecha Class: Battloid
Crew: 1 pilot.
Weight: 22.2 tons (dry), 47.2 tons (loaded)

Height: 12.7m (total), 11.3m (w/o searchlight)
Breadth: 7.5m
Depth: 5.0m
Max walking speed: 72 kph loaded

2 x missile bins. Each bin has 11 missiles at the ready and another 11 in each magazine. Missiles are 430mm long-ranged missiles, and are usually used in an anti-air capacity, though artillery rockets can also be carried.

Several Phalanxes on the deck of the SDF-1

A Destroid Phalanx prepares to fire its missiles

Like the Defender, the Destroid Phalanx was based on the chasis of the MBR-04 Destroid Tomahawk. First designed and deployed aboard the SDF-1, the Phalanx was intended to serve as a walking missile battery, capable of delivering air defense missiles to protect the SDF-1 from Zentraedi attacks. Late in the First Robotech War, this mecha was refit with reflex missiles and used in the final massive attack against Dolza's fortress. After the First Robotech War, surviving mecha were dispersed to protect airbases in New Macross and near-by cities, like Monument.

The mecha is equipped with vernier thrusters, making it capable of limited space operations. In most cases, the mecha was used on the deck of the SDF-1, and its capacity to maneuver in zero gravity was limited to propelling itself back toward the ship's deck, if it is ever knocked off.