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Destroid Monster

Also known as: MAC II Monster

Heavy Artillery Destroid

Designation: HWR-00
Mecha Class: Battloid
Crew: 3 crewmen
Weight: 285.5 tons (without barrels), 378.5 tons combat ready

Depth: 22.1m (without barrels), 41.1m (with barrels)
Height: 22.5m
Breadth: 24.0m
Max walking speed: 41 kph
Max hover speed: 52 kph

4 x 406mm cannons with 28 rounds total, mounted on the top
2 x triple missile launch tubes with 2 x 530mm missiles in each tube. Each triple tube forms one arm.

A view of the Destroid Monster from below

The Destroid Monster takes a step

The HWR 'Monster' artillery destroid is the largest weapon system ever fielded by the United Earth Defence Forces. Designed to field the largest caliber of artillery on a mobile platform, the Monster can, for a few seconds, outshoot an old World War II battleship.

The Monster is designed as a mobile siege cannon, intended for use against heavily armored targets such as starships and planetary bases. In order to achieve this, the Monsters' main armament is optimized for armour-piercing qualities. However, the 406mm cannons of the Monster are inefficient, as artillery goes, against any other target.

The Monster is a platform for its main cannons, and thus carries little other armament. There are six launch tubes for heavy missiles in the arms, and as mentioned the main cannons can be fired directly at enemy mecha. The barrels of the main cannons are made of material technologies derived from the information found on board the SDF-1, and as a result weigh only a sixth that of normal 406mm barrels. However, barrel life is reduced to at average 30 shells, and thus the designers built the Monster with external barrels which can be easily replaced. Usually, the supply department ships a new set of barrels with every 120 rounds.

The Monster is well armored around its cockpit and ammunition magazine, but the rest of the mecha is only fitted with anti-splinter armour, to keep the weight down. This is done because the mecha is not really intended for the front lines, although it is, by necessity, occasionally used there.