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Destroid Defender

Also known as: Raidar X

Air Defense Destroid

Designation: ADR-04-Mk X

Crew: 1 pilot.
Weight: 21.7 tons (dry), 27.1 tons (loaded)

Height: 10.8m
Breadth: 8.6m
Depth: 4.3m
Max walking speed: 98 kph loaded

2 x twin 78mm anti-aircraft guns mounted in the arms

A Defender on the deck of the SDF-1

The Destroid Defender was the first of two mecha to be derived from the Tomahawk chasis. Equipped with four long-range 78mm anti-aircraft guns, this mecha was intended to defend airbases and the large spacecraft of the early Earth forces from enemy attacks. These weapons were extremely powerful, and coupled with the extensive radar suite with which the mecha was equipped, this allowed the Defender to engage and destroy threats at great ranges, especially in space.

The mecha is equipped with vernier thrusters, making it capable of limited space operations. In most cases, the mecha was used on the deck of the SDF-1, and its capacity to maneuver in zero gravity was limited to propelling itself back toward the ship's deck, if it is ever knocked off.