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Conbat SFA-5

Also known as: "Bat", Convert

Heavy Ordnance Strike Fighter

Designation: SF/A-5
Mecha Class: Space fighter/interceptor, aerospace capable.
Crew: 1 pilot

Length: 9.70m
Length: 17.10m
Height: 4.10m
Wingspan: 9.50m
Weight: 12.90 tons (dry)

2 x forward facing particle-beam cannons
4 x fixed hardpoints for various mission-specific heavy ordnance bombs and missiles

Views of the Conbat.

The Conbat can also carry heavy ordnance to strike hardened targets.

The Conbat was used against the Invid during the first ill-fated attempt to liberate the Earth in 2038.

This non-transformable fighter was developed by the Robotech Expeditionary Force to provide for rapidly deployable, fast-attack, heavy-ordnance delivery in support of REF military operations (in particular, the first Earth Reclamation mission of 2038.)

Primarily a space-based fighter, it can also operate well within atmospheric conditions. Usually teamed with support of the Condor battloids, the Conbat (also known as the "Bat") proved very successful during its career. They were eventually phased out as the more advanced Alpha and Beta Fighters assumed the multi-purpose roles of the Robotech Expedition's primary strike fighter/bomber.

First Appearance:
Episode 71 - "The Secret Route"