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Battlepod, Tactical

Also known as: Regult, Esbeliben Regult

Standard Infantry Battlepod of the Zentraedi Armada

Mecha Class: Battlepod
Crew: 1 Zentraedi pilot.

Depth: 8.1m
Height: 17.4m
Width: 8.0m
Weight: 37 tons
Max ground speed: 282 kph

2 x quadruple-barreled medium beam cannons mounted on front
2 x single barrel light cannons (2000 rounds) mounted on bottom
2 x single barrel light pulse beam cannons on top

The front of the standard Battlepod

The back of the standard Battlepod

The Tactical Battlepod is the standard Zentraedi infantry mecha that is most frequently encountered during the First Robotech War. Known as the Regult within the Zentraedi ranks, it can utilize its multiple thrusters to navigate challenging surface terrain or maneuver in space combat. This versatile battle-tested design has been built in staggering quantities and has spawned a line of variants for a wide range of combat roles.

Among the strong points of the Battlepod are simplicity, firepower, speed and mobility. The mecha is designed for rapid and efficient manufacture in automated assembly lines and is typically deployed in large numbers for mass attacks. Additionally, the mecha is easy to service in the field, a necessity considering the limited technical knowledge of the average Zentraedi soldier. The destructive firepower of the two main cannons is capable of dealing with big armored targets such as Earth Destroids. An array of secondary armament trades firepower for coverage against lighter fast-moving adversaries. The mecha's giant articulated legs allow it to advance or jump quickly past most obstacles and it can even function underwater.

The main disadvantage of the Battlepod is its vulnerability as armor protection has been sacrificed for mobility. The shape of its body does not lend itself to deflecting incoming fire and its power system has a tendency to explode when pierced by explosive rounds. However, these shortcomings are consistent with the Zentraedi strategy of victory by overwhelming force with little regard to the survival of the individual.