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Battlepod, Reconnaissance

Also known as: Quel-Regult, Ectromelia Regult

Field Reconnaissance / Communications Mecha

Mecha Class: Battlepod
Crew: 1 Zentraedi pilot

Depth: 7.2m
Height: 18.2m
Width: 12.6m
Weight: 39.8 tons
Max ground speed: 225 kph


A Tactical Recon Battlepod scouts out an area for other Battlepods

Being unarmed, a Tactical Recon Battlepod was used for Exedore’s dimplomatic mission to the SDF-1

The Tactical Battlepod is the standard Zentraedi infantry mecha, and the most common as well. With its multiple thrusters, the Regult can also function as a space fighter, a task to which it was often assigned. Apart from the standard model, there are four variants, some common, others less common or very rare. Usually, this mecha is colored in a blue/grey/white paint scheme.

Among the strong points of the Tactical Recon Battlepod are simplicity, sensor load, speed and mobility. Although unarmed, this battlepod is one of the most dangerous opponents on a battlefield, because it makes an excellent forward observer for missiles launched from other mecha and ships. Little will escape the notice of this battlefield scout; it has a large sensor load, and a qualitatively good one as well. The speed and mobility of the Regult is superb; the mecha is very fast, can travel underwater, and has a large jump capacity to deal with terrain and obstacles.

The main disadvantage of the Battlepod is its vulnerability. Not only does it lack even a modest armour protection, its shape does not lend itself to deflecting incoming fire. Worst of all the battlepod has a distressing tendency to explode when its main body is pierced by even a medium caliber round.

Tactical Recon Battlepods were assigned as needed to the mecha strike forces; and despite the lack of armament almost all Zentraedi field commanders greatly valued these somewhat scarce Battlepod variants.