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Battlepod, Heavy Artillery

Also known as: Serauhaug-Regult

Heavy Ordinance Battlepod

Mecha Class: Battlepod
Crew: 1 Zentraedi pilot.

Depth: 8.3m
Height: 20.3m
Width: 8.0m
Weight: 41.0 tons
Max ground speed: 128 kph

2 x quadruple-barreled medium beam cannons on front
2 x single barrel light cannons (2000 rounds) on bottom
4 x 791mm long range warheads, in top-mounted launcher

The front of the Heavy Missile Battlepod

The Heavy Artillery Battlepod is a variant of the standard Zentraedi infantry mecha that is frequently encountered during the First Robotech War.  Known as the Serauhaug-Regult within the Zentraedi ranks, its key distinguishing feature is its ability to launch heavy long-range warheads at very large targets.

This mecha is often aided by spotters for target acquisition across great distances, though it can also engage the enemy directly. This variant also shares many parts with other Battlepods, allowing for easier servicing as well as the option of field upgrades to standard Tactical Battlepods to this configuration when necessary. The underlying battle-tested design is equipped with multiple thrusters to navigate challenging surface terrain or maneuver in space combat, but a great deal of speed has been sacrificed for its added firepower. Along with its destructive arsenal of four long-range warheads, its main body is armed with two main cannons and an array of smaller armament to deal with other targets such as Earth Destroids and lighter adversaries. The mecha's giant articulated legs allow it to advance or jump past most obstacles and it can even function underwater.

Like the standard Tactical Battlepod, its main disadvantage is its vulnerability as armor protection has been sacrificed for mobility. The shape of its body does not lend itself to deflecting incoming fire and its power system has a tendency to explode when pierced by explosive rounds. It is typically deployed with a large strike force where it can be supported by more expendable Battlepods. However, these shortcomings are consistent with the Zentraedi strategy of victory by overwhelming force with little regard to the survival of the individual.