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Wedding Bells

Max Sterling anxiously waits for Miriya in Macross City park. Until now, he has spent most of his time in pursuit of battle. Now he finds himself involved in a totally different crisis, but it's not the one he expected. Miriya attacks on…

Max Sterling anxiously waits for Miriya in Macross City park. Until now, he has spent most of his time in pursuit of battle. Now he finds himself involved in a totally different crisis, but it's not the one he expected. Miriya attacks on sight. Max demands an explanation as he frantically tries to protect himself. Miriya snarls: "Time and again you have made me look like a fool. I am the Zentraedi's greatest pilot and will not be humiliated by a Micronian. The first time you were lucky; the second was your final victory. This time, I will win. I will defeat you!"

Miriya boasts too soon. Max overcomes her. Thoroughly vanquished, the alien girl begs him to end her life since she cannot live with defeat. It's the last thing Sterling can bring himself to do. Miriya is the only girl he's ever been attracted to. He proposes on the spot, and Miriya finds that the feelings she's harbored all along for the young man are not warlike at all.

Preparations for the wedding begin immediately. The full squadron of fighting mecha aboard the SDF-1 shows its colors. Not only is this the first wedding in space, it is the first joining of a human and a Zentraedi. Observing Zentraedi find the broadcast ceremony extremely interesting. At first they wonder if Miriya is taking her job as a spy a bit too seriously, but finally conclude she obviously cannot resist the charm of the Micronian pilot. The danger of direct contact with the Micronians is plainly evident.

Prior to the ceremony, Captain Gloval addresses the crowd: "This wedding carries with it a great historical significance. As you all know, Miriya was a Zentraedi warrior who destroyed many of our own ships. She comes from a culture that we have grown to fear and hate. It is the Zentraedi who caused our present situation. They alone prevent our return to Earth, our homes and our beloved families. It is they who have caused destruction and endless suffering. Now, I know what you are thinking – 'Why is he choosing this time to remind us of all these terrible things?' I remind you of these brutal acts, ladies and gentlemen, because we must learn to forgive...not blindly, not out of ignorance, but because we are strong and willing nation. We cannot blame the Zentraedi for this inexplicable lust for war. They have never known any other way of life, and it is their only means of survival. Nor can we condemn the individuals of that society for the mass insanity of a war machine. Instead, we must look to their good nature. Some have made a request to stop fighting, and I believe it is a genuine request. We must respond with equal integrity. The blood of both these young people was tested before the ceremony. Zentraedi blood was found to be the same as human blood. There is no reason why we cannot coexist in peace. Let this occasion represent a future where all people live in harmony....Each and every citizen must develop a responsible attitude toward the prospects of peace. We must learn from our mistakes. To live with different people, different nations – think of the challenge! I am not proposing laying down our arms but extending them so that if there is a chance of a peaceful solution, we may find it together."

While Gloval's words make an impact on the inhabitants of the SDF-1, not all listeners are as impressed. Admiral Hayes does not agree with the Captain's sentiments. Commander Dolza orders Breetai to lead Zentraedi forces into battle immediately. Breetai follows his orders, but some of his soldiers are having second thoughts about their mission.

Miriya joins Max in his Veritech fighter. Once in space, she shows him how attacking Zentraedi flyers can be put out of commission without killing the pilots. Rick Hunter and other SDF-1 pilots follow their example. Meanwhile, on board the Zentraedi flagship, the alien warriors are refusing to engage the Micronians in battle. Breetai soon has a full-scale mutiny on his hands.

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Miriya attempts to kill Max, but is defeated

Rick learns that Max wants to marry a Zentraedi spy he's dated for one day

Max and Miriya have a runway for their wedding instead of an aisle

Breetai wonders what strange powers the humans have

The Zentraedi refuse to fire on the SDF-1