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At headquarters, Supreme Commander Leonard addresses a room full of Southern Cross officers. "We fully realize there has been much debate over the advisability of a preemptive strike against the alien fleet at this juncture," he tells them. "These concerns have been…

At headquarters, Supreme Commander Leonard addresses a room full of Southern Cross officers. "We fully realize there has been much debate over the advisability of a preemptive strike against the alien fleet at this juncture," he tells them. "These concerns have been taken into careful consideration by the high command of the armed forces. But now the time has come for putting an end to debate and for uniting all our forces behind a common effort." He goes on to explain that the new Armored-Gyro Assault Choppers (AGACs) will form the nucleus of the first assault wave. As Leonard continues his speech, General Emerson has only one thought: "Madness. Utter madness."

Outside in the parking lot, Marie Crystal gloats to Dana that she's been assigned to the first wave. Then Nova arrives to tell Dana that Zor is out of her hands. "Over my dead body," Dana counters. She tells Nova to leave Zor alone.

After nearly causing an accident on the streets of Monument City, Dana returns to the 15th Squad barracks. She fills in the rest of the squad on the news from supreme command, which they aren't too happy to hear. As they complain about the stupidity of the high command, Dana admires herself in a three-way mirror. She calls for Zor, who upon seeing Dana's multiple reflections has another flash of memory: "The triumvirate!" It's painful, but the memories keep coming. "Yes, long ago, the attack, the enemy, the three who act as one, the triumvirate ..." Dana hasn't a clue what he's talking about, but figures it sounds just screwy enough to be important, and that high command should know about it.

Elsewhere, the “Ajax" choppers are being loaded into Tristar-class starships in preparation for the attack. As TASC personnel rush to their ships, Sean pays Marie a quick visit to say goodbye. He tells her to be careful. "I almost believe you really mean that," she retorts with a smile before heading to her ship.

Zor Prime watches the ships as they prepare to lift off, and through his eyes the Masters watch as well. While one among the three points out that this is the largest fleet they have amassed against them, another assures his companions that, "the more ships they employ, the greater our triumph!" Soon, the transmission breaks off.

At that moment, Angelo asks Zor what he's doing in an off-limits sector. Zor claims he just wanted to watch the liftoff. Dana soon arrives to tell Angelo it's all right, and that she gave him clearance to go anywhere he wants to help him get his memory back. "What do you think he is," she asks, "a spy?"

As Zor and Dana look on, the fleet takes off. Others watch as well, including a proud Supreme Commander Leonard and the similarly boastful Robotech Masters. Aboard the ships, men and women rush to battle stations as the fleet nears the Masters' motherships. Marie tells her men it's time to take out the AGACs, but as the battle begins none are deployed. Instead, the Tristar-class ships fire their laser cannons at the Masters' flagship. The Masters retaliate, blasting two Southern Cross ships to atoms within a few moments.

Back on Earth, Dana and Zor have left the city for a grassy field that Dana says reminds her of where she grew up. She says she always starts thinking about her hometown when she comes up here and the people she left behind. Zor says he'll never be able to go home again. "A man without a past is a man without a home," he tells her. She reminds him that his memories are coming back, and Zor goes back to that attack he vaguely remembered. He wishes he could remember where and why that attack took place. Something suddenly occurs to Dana, and she leads Zor away.

In space, another Southern Cross battlecruiser is destroyed. Captain Nordoff informs Leonard that a third of the fleet is gone along with half of their transports. He suggests withdrawing, but Leonard asks why the AGACs haven't been deployed. Nordoff doesn't think they have a chance when the Masters' ships have been wiping out their largest battlecruisers with ease, but Leonard remains stubbornly insistant that the AGACs be dispatched immediately. Nordoff scrambles the AGACS. To counter the incoming ship, the Masters deploy a large force of their assault carriers.

Dana, Bowie, and Zor arrive at the mounds that mark the site of the SDF-1's destruction. Zor finds something familiar about the spot, but he tells them it looks very different. The three decide to look around. Dana spots an opening, and the three enter with Zor in the lead. A ray of light leads them into a large chamber in which they find a number of strange plants. When Dana reaches out to touch one, it strikes her. Zor points out that they're growing in threes--the three who act as one, the same as his dream. Bowie asks if these plants might be what the aliens want to get their hands on, but Zor doesn't know.he mobilization of a second assault wave, which is to rendezvous with the operational units from the first to prepare for a combined attack against the Robotech Masters. "And this time," he proclaims, "we'll fight to the very last man!"

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Sean tries to mend things with Marie before she goes into battle

Dana takes Zor to the ruins of the SDF-1 to see if it will jog his memory

The Defense Forces meet heavy resistance against the Robotech Masters