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Zor Prime

Clone of the Advanced Tirolian Scientist

Height: 178cm
Hair: Purple

Zor Prime is the first clone of Zor, the first Robotech Master and father of protoculture. Zor Prime is the Robotech Masters' last hope to regain the secrets of the protoculture factory and Robotechnology.

The original Zor witnessed his inventions used to subjugate other races and to assert the supremacy of the Robotech Masters. This disturbed Zor. When he developed the sciences of protoculture, he safeguarded the discoveries by hiding all of the data along with the last remaining fertile protoculture seed factory in the reflex furnaces of the SDF-1. He then sent the battlefortress on a one-way trip into the nether regions of space, where it crashed undetected on Earth for a decade before the Zentraedi tracked it down.

The Robotech Masters cloned out Zor Prime in an effort to regain Zor's secrets. He acts as a Bioroid commander in his special command model Bioroid and later is shot down by his own side when they decide to use him as a spy against the humans. While they are successful in sabotaging numerous Southern Cross offensives due to Zor Prime's implants, their ultimate plans backfire, as the clone shares the same thought patterns as the original Zor. Old images and memories return in a series of nightmares that are a source of untold torment. After all, Zor Prime is literally thrown into the midst of the humans. His military captors think he is one of the humans shanghaied into service for the invading aliens, and an apparent amnesia victim. This cruel treatment is only another example of the callous attitude of the Robotech Masters. Eventually, Zor Prime discovers who and what he is. He turns against the Robotech Masters and sacrifices his life to destroy the galactic tyrants' plans. Unfortunately, his noble act is in vain, and inadvertently results in the dispersal of the Flower of Life and the subsequent Invid invasion of Earth.

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