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Vince Grant

Age: 54
Height: 186cm
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown

Captain Vincent Grant is a longtime veteran of the Robotech Wars and a personal friend of Admiral Rick Hunter. He has been the commanding officer of many well-known vessels from the Tokugawa to the Icarus and the Ark Angel, yet he still misses his days of more direct action as a young soldier. He is frequently criticized by his wife Dr. Jean Grant for taking significant personal risks that an officer of his age typically, in her professional opinion, should not.

Vince has had a somewhat detached relationship with his son Bowie, owing to the fact that when Vince went into space with the Expeditionary Force, Bowie was left behind in the care of the late Rolf Emerson. Vince and his son currently maintain cordial, albeit infrequent, contact with one another.

His early years as a cadet were focused on the field of engineering. However, after the death of his sister, he took a more active role in the Robotech forces as a field officer of the Pioneer Expedition. After his promotion to the rank of Captain, he was charged with apprehending the renegade General T.R. Edwards. With the disappearance of Admiral Hunter at the end of the Third Robotech War, the ongoing search and rescue mission for the SDF-3 has become Grant's personal priority.