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Sue Graham

Chief Intelligence Officer

Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel

First Appearance:
Episode 83 - "Reflex Point"

Lieutenant Sue Graham was the chief intelligence officer of the 36th squadron of the Jupiter Division. With an extensive background as a video journalist, her responsibilities included recordkeeping of Admiral Hunter's expeditionary archives. With the Mars Division's disastrously unsuccessful attempts at liberating the Earth from Invid domination, Sue embarked on a reconnaissance mission to gather clues about this mysterious alien race.

Sue Graham's final mission brought her back to Earth to document the viability of new technology used by Shadow Fighters to become invisible to Invid sensors. Unfortunately, she was declared missing after her unit was ambushed on arrival at the Invid stronghold of Reflex Point. However, her camera was later recovered with footage confirming rumors that the Invid were evolving in response to escalating attacks from the Robotech Expeditionary Force.

Sue Graham was a veteran intelligence officer of the Jupiter Division.