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Scott Bernard

Birthdate: 2023
Height: 178cm
Blood Type: A

First Appearance:
Episode 61 - "The Invid Invasion"

Born in outer space during the Expeditionary Mission, Scott Bernard is part of the new generation of Earth's defenders. He is a pilot in the Mars Division, one of the advanced battalions trying to reclaim Earth from the Invid.

He arrives on his ancestral planet as one of the only few survivors from this advance Robotech fleet. When he recovers from the shock of his disastrous landing, Scott, sets about to fulfill his mission to reach Reflex Point and join Admiral Rick Hunter's new army at all costs. A natural but sometimes reluctant leader, Scott accumulates other Earth rebels on the way to Reflex Point and forms a resistance force that battles the Invid invaders as they make their way to the ultimate battleground. A moody and driven young man, Scott must relearn the value of friendship from his new acquaintances as he moves toward his final goal.

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