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Roy Fokker

Field Commander of the Veritech Fighter Squadrons

Birthdate: 1979
Height: 6'5" (195cm)
Weight: 118kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

The leader of the veritech fighter squadrons attached to the SDF-1, Roy Fokker was the premier fighter pilot in the Robotech Defense Force. Fokker first gained fame by shooting down 108 enemy planes during the Global War and subsequent conflicts. Fokker was called back to duty by Admiral Donald Hayes and became the top test pilot for Project Valkyrie, which led to the creation of the transformable veritech fighter. As commander of the renowned Skull Squadron, Roy maintained his reputation among his fellow pilots, as his squadron earned distinction in battle after battle with the Zentraedi forces.

From an early age, Roy had a strong love of flying. His father Dan Fokker was a close friend and squadron mate of Mitchell Hunter during the final years of the Vietnam War. Dan was later killed in a classified mission for the Navy, and Mitchell Hunter assumed guardianship of Roy. From then on, Roy grew up with Hunter and his young son Rick and flew for their Flying Circus aerobatic team. The two boys grew very close. That relationship is severely tested when Roy leaves the Flying Circus to fight in the Global War, and later joins the Veritech development project on Macross Island.

Roy inherited many of his father's daredevil aspects, including a cavalier attitude towards women. A playboy for much of his early flying career, his life is changed when he meets a young air control officer named Claudia Grant.

Roy tries to mend his relationship with young Rick Hunter by inviting him to the launch of the SDF-1 on Macross Island. When the First Robotech War breaks out, Roy influences Rick to join the Robotech forces and follow in his footsteps as a fighter pilot. A truly inspirational figure, Roy becomes a mentor to Rick and has leaves a lasting impression on many members of the Robotech Defense Force.

First Appearance:
Episode 1 - "Boobytrap"

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